Monday, April 10, 2006

Manic Monday Morning Quickie Links

A few links to sites which caught my attention over the weekend:


1) Maryscott O'Connor of My Left Wing made an appearance on right-wing hack John Gibson's Faux News gabfest talk show "The Big Story" in a segment debate called "Blue on Blue"...and basically went Teddy Roosevelt (as in "Speak softly and carry a BIG stick") on Mr. "Two in the noggin" and Democratic pollster Bob Beckel. Here's the shorthand of what ensued (from MLW with relay by Pandagon):

“Gibson opened the segment with the now infamous clip of Harry Taylor confronting Bush in West Virginia. Gibson wondered if this was a sign that there was a tip to the left ? Maryscott O’Connor was set up as the spokesperson for the Left and Beckel was the Centrist guy. If there was a debate imagined by the FOX producers, it never happened as planned.

Gibson asked O’Connor why she didn’t like Hillary Clinton as a candidate for 2008. Without hesitation, O’Connor said she was “too centrist”. Gibson wanted to know if the candidate O’Connor would support would have to back censure or impeachment. O’Connor came back with strength, ” I would expect candidates from both parties to impeach Bush.”

Her answer would normally be an invitation for rant and ridicule on FOX but not today. Beckel earlier in the segment let it be known that he has been a proud Liberal or the last 30 years. Annoyed that Gibson had characterized him as a centrist, Beckel talked about his civil rights involvement and how enraged he was in 1974 when nobody brought up impeachment for Nixon. So when Maryscott O’Connor made her stand on impeaching Bush clear, Beckel agreed that he would be glad if it happened but then he proceeded to discuss why it would be impossible to impeach Bush.

O’Connor responded beautifully without skipping a beat.
“Sounds like a strategist talking. We’re talking about a principle. He broke the law. It shouldn't be about whether it's a "winning issue" or not.”

(A podcast of that segment in full is available and downloadable over at MLW, feel free to check it out for yourself. [Available in RealPlayer, Quicktime, or WMV format.])

And I'm probably betting that it won't happen again, either...Faux usually has a one-liberal debater per program quota; allowing two in the same program would mess up their brains too much.

Well done, Fairy Blogmother. More of you defending progressive values won't hurt any.

Side note....I have decided to post my previous essay here on the Duke alleged gang rape case over there at MLW...I eagerly await the response there.

Update: Steve Gilliard at The News Blog has a more developed post on MSOC's smackdown here; I updated the quote from there.


2) Whatever Rachel Kramer Bussel has, I'd really like to borrow...especially when she comes up with columns like this recent defense of sex within feminism at her Lusty Lady blog:

A sample:


The problem with throwing out the pagaentry and fucking in favor of corporate boardroom (or White House) driven feminism, is that, well, we still have bedrooms and sex drives and orgasms (or the pursuit of them) to attend to. Ignoring sex doesn’t make it go away, and to basically say that sex, sexuality equality, sexual politics, and erotic experimentation, the pursuit of happiness in our sex lives, has no place in feminism, is to ignore the ways gender roles get played out during sex. It’s to ignore the real revolution in women’s sex lives that started largely after the official sexual revolution, one that can be traced back to Betty Dodson’s orgasm workshops and on to Monica Lewinsky and today to all sorts of things such as the rise of burlesque, the boom in erotica, especially women’s erotica and African-American erotica, the genre of couples porn, sex toys being sold on, etc.


This is not just a women’s issue, though, and I’d really like to see more of the male fans of, say, Jenna Jameson or Joanna Angel or just sex in general stand up for themselves and their right to an erotic life, a fantasy life, a fully realized sexual road map. I interviewed one such man, Tom Birdsley, creator of Steak and Blowjob Day, for my upcoming Voice column about cocksucking, and was really impressed at how un-macho he was. I’ll get into it more in the column, but I think it’d be easy to look at something like that and simply go “wow, what an asshole” without even trying to understand where he’s coming from. When we blanketly condemn sex workers, we are also condemning their consumers, and, well, I wouldn’t be too shocked if men who are tres vocal about being anti strippers and anti porn weren’t jerking off to both.

Complete with this divisive, binary way of thinking about life/career vs. sexuality is the continuing denigration of women who work in the sex industry. Sex workers are in many ways the last frontier of the sexual revolution, and until we value them, as well as sex industry consumers, I don’t think it’s fair to say we’re living in a truly sexually free time. Maybe it appalls some people that educated, smart, talented, go-getter women would actively choose to make sex their career. Just like I don’t understand why gay marriage poses a threat to straight marriage, I still haven’t quite gotten it through my head why these women are so threatening, but clearly they are.


I think that I will go eat me a cupcake now after that fine blast...way to go, Rachel.


3) Belledame over at Fetch Me My Axe has been posting up a storm over her views on sex-positive feminism and the Duke gang rape case; go here for some of her latest.


4) Violet at Tiny Nibbles goes off on a real asshat who started an online vendetta against one of her female sex-pos activist friends...and a New York Times columnist who, in her words, enabled the freak stalkerby making a bit too much light of the situation. The original righteous smackdown is here; the response to an "off the record" attempt by the NYT columnist to defend his tainted ass is here.


That's all for now, gangstas.....more later when I can get off.....errrrrr, work.


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