Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doubling Up The SmackChon: Coming Soon to

Begging your patience, but I want to try something a bit different.

I am NOT shutting down this blog AT all...but I want to see if it will work in another venue. So I am in the process of getting an account with, and will open up a version of the SmackChron over there.

For a while I will be updating both the WP and this Blogger version, to see which one is superior. Note that I am NOT moving the blog, just hosting it in different locations to see what will happen.

The reason; I'm a bit jealous that Kevin at Slant Truth has gotten all these cool new widgets, like the one that automatically turns words into embedded links (Bitch Lab has that feature, too)..and I want to test them out myself.

When the WP version opens for business, I will give out the addy. And I will be updating BOTH of them for a short time while I decide which to finally choose.

So...pardon the construction here...just experimenting, as usual.


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