Thursday, March 02, 2006

Post "Roe vs. Wade": Some Worthy Advice from

I only have enough time to post and run due to work..but here's a link to an interesting article that I discovered at Joshua Frank's blog that dissects the failures of liberals to hold the line for reproductive rights and sexual liberation through shortsighted defense of abortion; and it actually goes pretty far in defending sexual liberty, too:

While you're there, do feel free to order Joshua Frank's book Left Out: How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush. It will definity change your view of the political system if you happen to be a lesser-evil Democrat.

Peaceout.... :-)

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Dark Daughta said...

Thanks for this. It had been buzzing in the back of my mind for quite some time, sort of like that word you want to say but can't remember. The connection was there, but not. So, thanks for articulating it and providing the link to Joshua's site.

Obviously I agree wtih what he's saying as it relates to sex positivity. There's just no fucking way folks can be all about choice while ignoring how a woman got to be pregnant in the first place and the politics of the sex she engaged in.

I think that I was approaching it from the angle of how allied the politicos are with right wingers around the inherent "nastiness" of sex outside of monogamous, vanilla generally conservative relationship models.

And, obviously I read and assimilated what you wrote about the background image on my blog site.

As I wrote in the post addressing my choice to maintain the image, its display is really crucial to the blog and the information I carry. Hope you'll understand and still come visit cuz you're an ally I wouldn't want to lose.

'Sides, I did a post that contains a short story I want you to see. The post is called I Feel Excited (