Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wingnut Trolls Beware: The Buck Stops Here!!!

I've been noticing of late that there has been a rash of right-wing trolls invading progressive websites and blogs to poison the debate and smear anyone who dares to challenge the prevailing wingnut tripe line on various issues..but especially the Duke alleged rape case.

A great many sites (including Slant Truth, Blac(k)ademic, Rachel's Tavern, and Browninfempower's Women of Color blog) have become the target of some of the ugliest, meanest, and most hate-filled assaults not only on the accused victim of the assaults as a liar, a hysterical nut, a slut/whore/prostitute who just made this up to blame innocent White folks who wouldn't hurt a fly (never mind that one of the suspects charged in the case has already been arrested and faces trial for beating a gay man); but also on those who defend her as "reverse racists and "race hustlers" who use supposed anti-White hatred for crass political gain. (Not, of course, like those great fair and balanced negotiators for peace like Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and the brave pontificators of FOX News, who simply smear the accused woman in her own blood for their own profit...that's just good "conservative" reporting.) And it hasn't even been limited to flooding the comments sections....one blogger has been the subject of a denial-of-service attack on her blog for expressing her support of the victim in this case.

Now, this isn't the first time that we have seen a concerted effort by right-wingers to intimidate and smack down critics of their policies..but the intensity of the hatred and the level of concurrence is still quite astonishing....if not totally unsurprising, given the state of affairs for the Right these days. With their Brave Decider's ratings plummetting to new lows (even Faux News has Dubya near 32% as of today), the grand war in Iraq falling flatter and flatter, the economy getting weaker and weaker, and the threat of indictments and even a whiff of the "I" word (as in "impeachment") openly brandied about, what better and more consistent need of a distraction for the Right can there be than a nice high-tech modern day lynching??? When all else fails, Nigguh-baiting, queer-bashing, slut-baiting, and Mexican/Latino-whacking is the usual choice of Whitey-Rightie fundie wingnutters to save the political day for them...and so what if it enables the ultra-Right true believers who would go well beyond mere border fences and gang rapes to retain their control???

The sad thing about this is that it has had a significant impact on the blogosphere: some blogs have simply shut down completely (such as Blackamazon); others have had to totally shut down their comments against these hatemongering spammers; and a few brave souls have even been forced to change their comment policies.

Which brings me to announce the official comments policy for this here blog, which basically comes down to this:

I, as the blog owner/manager, reserve to myself the right to delete or reject any comment that I find offensive, libelous, slanderous, or just plain stupid. My decisions on who gets posted here are simply MY OWN, and are absolutely final...and none of your business. My blog; my choice...DEAL WITH IT.

Any attempt to post spam of any kind will be quickly deleted, and the perpetrator PERMANENTLY BANNED.

And this rule is especially for you wingnuts who think that you're going to defile my house with your crap: First time, I give you the benefit of a response if you are polite and respectful enough; second time, the can of SmackDog Whupass comes out and I dissect your arguments piece by piece; and on Strike Three....well, You're OUTTA HERE!!!!!

Friends and decent people, however, can post all they want without fear.

If you want to have a decent debate, you are more than welcome. If you want to come here to troll and bash....don't even think about it.

BTW...Kevin at Slant Truth has come up with a brilliant idea for all you progressive bloggers who are sick and tired of all the wingnut trolls; he has formed up a special forum/message board connected to his blog where progressive bloggers can interact on the nuts and bolts of running and maintaining a blog, as well as other technical topics. If you are interested, just go here to check out his board....and of course, only progressive kick-ass bloggers need apply.

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