Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Blogging Bonanza (Birthday 'Dog Edition)

A few blog entries for your viewing pleasure this Sunday in May:

1) The New York Times Magazine does a chilling analysis of the current drive of the Christian Reich to add contraception to their list of 'Dem Nasty Satanic Sex Thangs Women Do That Should Be Banished From This Earth ....abortion, raunchy dancing, masturbating (especially with any assistance from toys), and any sex not limited to missionary position P/V intercourse for the expressed purpose of spitting out a child for Jeebus nine months later being the rest of the list. (Of course, they're not so keen on a lot of Sex Thangs that men do, either; as their wars against porn and gay sex clearly attest to.)

Update: Amanda of Pandagon delivers the ultimate reading/ass whupping on these sexofascists in her latest entry "The War on Peons Fucking"; and trust me, it is that damn good...can you forgive me, Ms. Marcotte, for that smackdown I gave you previously???

2) On the other side of the space/time/IQ continuum, the Washington Post Magazine kicks off their Style section of their Sunday edition with a nice whine on how (to shorthand and condense their article) slutty, raunchy women are causing our young men to become...get this...impotent due to performance anxiety. And after you laugh your ass off reading that, take a visit to Pandagon and see Amanda apply her usual sharp fingernails to this line of crock. (Consider this my peace offering, Amanda, for that essay I wrote previously.)

3) Then, to add to the theme of slut/raunchy women baiting, we go across the Big Pond to the Sunday Times of London; where good old antisex feminaz...errrr, antiporn feminist guru...Catherine MacKinnon is back at it, pimping her latest book of essays and calling out "raunchy femininsts" for destroying feminism and giving themselves away through "offering men sex". The Sunday Times gives Kitty Mac the usual proverial wet kisses in support of her beliefs; to which, a genuine raunchy feminist (namely, our dear Lusty Lady Rachel) layeth the smack down one more time in response.)

4) Nexxxxxxxtt...from the sublime to the outrageous. More proof that you should never, ever underestimate the ability of "pwogwessive" Democrats to phuck up a great moment: Two entries on how a site dedicated to praising fictional satirist Stephen Colbert on dropping the Whupass on King Dubya II and the White House Press Un-Whores*...ahhh, I mean, Press Corps at their dinner/gabfest got transformed into a mere shakedown for the DNC.

5) And finally...a dedication to one special heel of a troll who decided to go ad hominen on me over at Mike Malloy's forum for calling his racist Latino-baiting ass out: This excellent article straight out of the Black Commentator website on the history of the alliance between Mexico and freed Blacks. Taste it and weep, fool; it's known as "edcuating yourself", rather than plucking "facts" out of your colon.

Enough for now...more if I feel like it.

42 years and counting... :-)

*Un-Whores: because these suck-ups are an insult to real, live whores/sex workers who at least get some pretty good sex for their effort, in addition to getting paid.


Anonymous said...

"raunchy femininsts" for destroying feminism and giving themselves away through "offering men sex"

And truly, people still have difficulty seeing this as an arm of the 700 Club? The mind, it boggles.

btw, Happy B-Day.

belledame222 said...


and yeah, Kitty McK, please go away. go get your husband to worship you somewhere nice 'n' private and leave the rest of us the fuck alone. thank you.