Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't Shut ME Up, Either: An Response to Heart(less)

Let me see now: so now anyone who disagrees with Heart's notion (that any woman who likes giving blowjobs to men) is essentially a dupe of "patriarchy" and only "shamed" to like such acts, and is now dissing ALL women who have been abused by men???

And, of course, since she is a victim of abuse, she (and by extension, all who think like her) now absolutely must be representative of ALL women, now and forever, and anyone -- even those who have experienced the same kind of abuse , but who happen to disagree with any connection with that abuse and consensual sex acts -- are now by own her edict attempting to "shut me up"????

Oh, whatever.

Bottom line, Heart: Your personal experiences are YOUR experiences, and no one else's, and no one will hold that against you. But when you use your experiences as darts to sling like cowpies at those who merely don't want to march in perfect step in your sex-hating, male-baiting, elitist, protofascist crusades, then we on the other side have an obligation to defend ourselves in kind.

You want your feelings to be respected?? Try respecting the feelings of others.

Otherwise, Heart....kindly kiss where the sun don't shine, and make like Dick Cheney.

I'll just stop here before I really get ignorant. I am THAT pissed.

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