Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The (Renegade) Evolution of an Unapologetic "Pornstitute" (Who Just Plain Kicks ASS!!)

There are many women who are in the sex industry or women who simply defy the sexual double standards who would crumble from the weight of massive loathing, disgust, fear, and shame thrown at them like pure cow dung from feminists and conservatives (and conservative feminists, too) alike.

Thankfully for us, Miriam (aka Renegade Evolution) just isn't one of them; she believes in giving back in kind to those who would throw hate at her for being an openly and unabashedly sexual person...and her latest blog is one of the finest defense of sex positivism from an individualist female standpoint this side of Wendy McElroy.

One of her entries there ( "The Language of Radical Hate" ) contains a nice collage of all the "endearments" that she has had thrown at her by antiporn "feminists" when she attempts to defend herself as a pro-"pornstitution" woman. Some of these are simply mind-bending.

First, there is this on the issue of women producing porn)

"No. I think you expect me to take you seriously, so let me placate you by repeating what you have/will hear/heard from the others. On top of feminist reasons for opposing pornography, there is a greater humanitarian reason that stands for the sexuality of humans being treated as in-depth and whole, not just objectified jerk-off material. As for female pornographers, I would go as far as to say that they are more to blame and be held accountable, since they are traitors to their own sex and gender when they capitalize off of the objectification of feminine sexuality, homosexual or heterosexual.”

Funny, but I thought that sexual desire and "jerking-off" was in fact part of being human and in-depth....but I'm a man, I guess, so what do I know??

Then there is this series of responses when Miriam makes the mistake of revealing her desire for rougher sex:

“You call yourself a woman? You are a pig.”

“It’s people like you that are a disgrace to females everywhere.”

“You do not act the way a woman should, and at that, MEN shouldn't even do the things you do. You don't act like a human being, you act like an animal. You enjoy being degraded, you enjoy being a piece of meat, that is what makes you a disgrace. REAL women do not enjoy being called names and ejaculated upon, REAL women do not allow just any guy to enter her, and finally REAL women respect themselves and their bodies. None of these apply to you.”

“You should be ashamed, but "shame" is a word that is certainly foreign to someone like you.”

“You shouldn't ever be allowed to breed.”

My, my,'d think that Miriam was calling for bombing the New York Times building from all that bile??? But Ann Coulter is antiporn and female, so she gets more respect from such "feminists" than an independent woman like Miriam??? Eeeeeeeee-yeah.

And dig the response when Miriam breaks out that she actually LIKES porn and sex, and chooses to strip:

"How clich├ęd and simplistic are you?”

“You make me ill. Everything about you is just wrong. You have this great mind & skill at writing and you choose to be a slut? Why? Do you have antisocial personality disorder or something? It sounds like it. You have an education, could work wherever you want, make good money, but you would rather take off your clothes for a bunch of idiots or let people fuck and objectify you on film? Not normal. Even your friends on your blogs are shocked and somewhat disgusted by you. They may not say it outright, but you can tell. They may be pro-sex or okay with sexually eager women, but you are beyond that. You’re a whore. You’re not strung out on drugs or short on money, you have things other people wish they had, except a soul and ANY sense of decency.”

WOW. Don't you just love teh sisterhood??? I especially loved the part how the shitthrowers not only deem themselves able to psychoanalyze Miriam for her "illness" of being a slut, but also determine her friends' reactions as well.

Oh, but there's plenty more in the original piece, including where Miriam is even accused of not just pandering to men, but BEING a man!!!

“By the way, this may be common knowledge, but I suspect that you're a man hiding behind a woman's given name. That would explain a few things, such as:- Why you feel that _______ responses to you are "uncivil" (how dare a woman talk to you like that!?)- Why you aren't hesitant to share your e-mail with strangers- Why you didn't think that ______ would be leery to give you her e-mail address by sending you a message, or...- Why you've attempted to trick _______ into giving you her e-mail address by e-mailing you- The bullshit you're making up to defend porn ("Oh, my precious!").”

Oh, yeah....never mind that antiporn activists share email addies all the time to promote their messages, but when SHE....uhhhh, HE...does it, it's nasty solicitation, or even stalking!!!!

Oh!!! The (w)horrrah!!!

Thankfully, Miriam just laughs her ass off at such insanity and keeps on keeping on being the woman she is.

Bottom line: Just go to her blog and learn how an unapologetically sexual woman should respond to the Puritan haters. She does it well, she does it right, and she does it with class and kick-ass.

Brava, my dear....way to layeth the smack down on those fools. I kneel down to you.

And while I'm down there.... ;-)

(She's racked in the Blogroll, too, in case you don't know.)


Renegade Evolution said...

Thanks for the love, a REAL gem comment (ala strawfeminist) today, posted and everything. Hell, I will share some of my other "Fan Mail" soon...

Heh, and I SWEAR, the only dick(s) I actually have are synthetic, purchased from an adult store, and do not want breakfast in the morning!!!!

Keep up with that voodoo that you do so well-


belledame222 said...

I am disappointed in Amp, and said so. For someone who's as about being fair-minded and civil and so on...

I mean, I thought: nitpick if you will; but are you really moved to respond here because you're so passionate about putting the record straight wrt Dworkin?