Thursday, July 06, 2006

St. Tammany Sheriff to NOLA Black"Trash": Not In My Parish!! (or, Why David Duke Really Won)

Oh, but y'all are going to love this....this fool happens to be the Sheriff of St. Tammany Parish just east of New Orleans, which suffered a lot of the brunt of Hurricane Katrina last year. You would think that he would have too much on his mind for tending to his own needs to worry about the suffering in New Orleans proper...but noooooooooooo; he has to riff to the New Orleans media (in this case, TV station WDSU) on the threat of "trash" and "thugs" invading his fair parish.

Just listen to this clip, and tell me that David Duke still doesn't have any pull here in Louisiana.

(From WDSU-TV via Crooks and Liars, also check out Pam Spaulding's blog.)

I especially liked the "Chee Wees" and "dreadlocks" smack, along with the threat of "a visit from one of my deputies"...,funny, don't most NO gangstas wear do rags these days???

I guess that Sheriff Strain would much prefer all the "trash" to be left in NOLA to be washed away clean by the next storm, ehhh??

He better have more than a few Black deputies, because if he doesn't, I will make my journeys down I-10 or I-12 eastbound as brief as possible. Such bigotry already killed Black folk before (see the Gretna/Jefferson Parish police blocking the Crescent City Connection from Black evacuees attempting to escape Camp Abu Gumbo (aka the Superdome) during the height of Katrina); I'd rather not be a casualty now.

It doesn't ever stop, does it???


bint alshamsa said...

We are absolutely livid about this. Thank you for putting this clip on your blog because the media has basically stopped reporting what's going on with us down here in Louisiana now. Blogging may be the only way to get the word out, at this point.

Anthony Kennerson said...


Thanks for the props...I was just so stunned (though not too surprised, since that seems to be the prevailing attitude in Greater New Orleans amongst White authoritarian figures for some time now, even before Katrina) that Sheriff Strain would be that open with his bigotry. We probably have a few of his kind up here in Acadiana as well...but at least there are Black people in enough authority to put these Klansmen wannabes down.

BTW....excellent job on backing up Nubian on the WOC feminist fracus, too....I'll link it and have my own say on the matter soon.



RfrancisR said...

Oh Dear Gawd!

What do you say to that? What do you say? People like that make me sick. I keep forgetting that people like that still exist. Ignorance is bliss!

RfrancisR said...

Oh and you see, if I were a multi-billionaire, I'd build a giant apartment complex in St. Tammany Parish and let a bunch of black people live there free just to piss this racist freak off.

Aghhhh! I guess that's why God won't make me rich.

Anonymous said...

Jack Strain hit the nail on the head with his assessment of the situation. St. Tammany is no longer the beautiful Norman Rockwell community is was pre-Katrina. The filth from New Orleans and St. Bernard have ruined the quality of life here. Slidell was already a shambles because for years it's been transitioning to an extension of New Orleans East, so it's not such a big loss...but decent communities like Mandeville have suffered horribly.

Of course, the moderator of this site will never approve this comment because it doesn't reflect his or her personal views.

Anthony Kennerson said...

Ahhhh, Anony-dewd:

I happen to be the owner of this blog and I will decide for myself whether to approve or deny messages. And guess what...I approved yours not only because I believe in free speech, but I believe in exposing stupid arguments and racist claptrap.

First off, dewd...I've been to Slidell...and while it is nice territory, it wasn't even close to Norman Rockwell status, OK?? Not even before Katrina hit.

Secondly....awwwwwwww, too bad, that the evil Black folk are contaminating your fair precious White-only communities. Here's a suggestion: Deal with it. This isn't 1960 anymore, and unless we see a revival of David Duke and the KKK around these parts, you'll just have to either grit your teeth and bear it or move to a purer, maybe, the Ayran Nations Compounds???

Nice try, though, friend....thanks for playing.