Sunday, August 06, 2006


And unlike our selected President, my accomplishment is for real!!!

I was finally able to get my Laughing Squid web hosting account set up properly so that I could install the blog publishing package from (I had originally installed the set from which only allowed for the publishing of a blog); so now both my Red Garter Club website and this blog will be hosted on Laughing Squid's servers...with significant advantages to both me and you.

Not only will I be able to take full advantage of WP's full features (as well as some kewl plugins that will enhance the redability of the blog)...but now I will finally be able to completely upgrade the Red Garter Club site to make it look a lot less spartan than it now is.

Just go over there and check out the results:

The new Red Garter Club addy:
The new SmackDog Chronicles blog: (for now)

With that, I will probably shut down this Blogger account for good and do all my updates at WP from here on out.

UPDATE 8-7-06: I have updated the link to the new SmackChron blog to a better site that actually works (thanks, Belledame!!!). I have adjusted the link in the previous statement to reflect the change.


Cocacy said...

Just discovered this blog today. Very impressive posts! And its also nice to read from somebody who is living in the town that I was born and raised in!

belledame222 said...

w00t! congrats!

belledame222 said...

...the WP link goes to a page that sez, "sorry! our tentacles are unable to locate that page!"

Anthony Kennerson said...

Try again now, Belle...I've fixed the link.

(I know, that was six months ago....but I can't just leave things hanging, can I???)