Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's About Damn Time!!! Feminist Sex-Poz Carnival #1 @ UnCool

How I managed to miss THIS I'll never know....

Great job, Lina....and thanks for the love and the linkage. (Original post here.) I promise you, I'll have something fresh for the next one.

Oh....and Ren, IACB, Belledame, Ernest Greene, Amber, Dacia, the Bound, Not Gagged syndicate, Daisy and all the rest of the "Sex Pox Brigade" gang are well represented. Not to mention, Kim's all time righteous blast of the Not-So-Great "My Little Pony" Pornification Conspiracy, some excerpts from the recent discussion of sex work from Sex in the Public Square....and so, so many other goodies.

Just go there and check it out....like, yesterday.

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