Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ahhh...Lookee Here....."Yvette Doll" Exposed

Turns out that our "all sex pozzies are pedophiliacs" troll isn't quite what "she" says she is.

Actually, "she's" more like a "he".

An anonymous poster to Renegade Evolution's blog commented that she had done some research on the style of "Yvette Doll's" mass posts, and found it to be particularly similar to a male antiprostitiution activist out of Ireland named Gregory Carlin.

Well...I decided to do some Googling of my own; and oh, look what I found.

This is from a thread from a UK legal message board called Legal Banter, from October of last year. The subject line was "CEOP make a claim".

On 2 Oct, 01:59, Robbie wrote:
Blah wrote:

CEOP claimed to me on the telephone that they campaigned against the
use of the term 'child pornography' on legal advice ( they actually
said that) and that it was not a legislatively defined or enacted or
ratified (UN) term.


That has a search engine.

Ishtar 4?

He certainly sounds like as fruit loop...


I'm a reformed cult musician. I'm the fruit loop formerly known as
Yvette Doll.


Who is Ishtar 4?

Hmmm....formerly known???

Now, following the link above goes to an article about an 80's British pop group that "Yvette Doll" was cited as a former member of (which also included two other members who broke off later and became part of the successful US pop group The Thompson Twins. Whether Mr. Carlin really was "Yvette Doll" back then and simply reverted to his original name for his latest activism, or whether he just borrowed that pseudonym for jerking people off, is not mentioned anywhere.

Nevertheless, the style that Carlin uses in his own rants posted in his own name match perfectly with those done of late by "Yvette Doll" in his recent troll farts. Meaning: We have a WINNER!!!

Gee, Mr. Carlin....why not use your real name??? Afraid that the radfem womyn will see through your nonsense?? (Certainly Cath Elliot has; she has now publically repudiated and exposed him, and basically told him to fuck off.)

On the other hand, some of the more wingnuttier abolitionists aren't so willing to repudiate him.

Take, for instance, this woman named GreenConsciousness, who is your typical GenderBorg radfem activist; she recently re-posted some of the F-Word thread over at her place...and added one particular comment that might give you some notice:

"Where on our website does it say anything about having sex?" asked
Douglas, one half of Newcastle's premier executive escort agency"

So no sex, and therefore no sex worker credentials!

I targeted Jerome Brennn for years, and eventually he went to prison
for trying to procure children for a le chic enterprise in Spain.

I target all the pedophiles and pimps using Jobcentre.

"Douglas's attitude to the cover story seemed to be one of weary
exasperation. Of course they're going to have sex, his expression
said, but if we talked honestly about it I might be busted for
immoral earnings and the police would have to waste time pushing
working girls back on to the street. John's denial, though, was much
more interesting: an odd hybrid of legalistic game-playing and
genuine psychological resistance to the notion that he was selling
sex. It wasn't that he didn't know perfectly well what was going on
(otherwise why squirm so uncomfortably about the headmaster who rang
up requesting the youngest escort on the books to dress up as a schoolgirl?"


I congratulate the radical feminists on this blog who are following
in the footsteps of Andrea Dworkin

A pimp has to be lucky always, we only have to be lucky once.

In solidarity

Gregory Carlin
Irish Anti-Traficking Coalition
Notice...no "Yvette Doll" histrionics here, just his own real identity.

Gee....projecting much, Mr. Carlin??

And what does that say about the GenderBorg and their attitudes about men...I guess that some men are less evil than others....especially when they march in perfect goosestep with their ideology???

Typical. So damn typical.



Here's another example of how so far off the batshit Gregory Carlin is regarding his obsession with pedophilia.

This is from an education listserv in Great Britain called SafteyNet. The respondent, a John Hackett, is attempting to debunk some of the more classic claims of Carlin regarding pedophilia and the Internet.

I have read Mr Carlin's last five messages with interest and a growing sense that
he has a very anti-European stance where everything in the US is good and we are
obstructive and perhaps a little simpleminded. This may be from the best of motives
but it does little to advance his case. I will not go though all the messages in
detail but there are some points that i think worth putting forward for debate.

All forms of child pornography and exploitation are to be deplored. That said,
Mr Carlin's seeming anti-British and anti-European rhetoric will do little to
protect the children he clearly feels passionately about.

Of course most abuse is by adults on children and no one would say otherwise - but
the original post could have been read as saying that most abuse was taking place
in schools. If that is not what was meant (as you have clarified) then just say so.

Serious offending via the internet as it relates to British educational
establishments is almost exclusively connected to adult employees.

Just so. And clearly (potential) offenders will gravitate to the type of activity
(employment, hobby, etc) where they are in contact with children - this is
obvious and needs no explanation. But the next sentence -

The British have problems, and they are apparently not
getting any better.

- is to both to state the obvious (we ALL have problems) and to imply that this is
something particularly British. What evidence is there for this? I do not have any
evidence for or against but I would be very surprised if it were so. And I would
also be surprised if many - if not - most pornographic sites are just as "popular"
in the US as they are elsewhere. What proportion, for example, of sites are hosted
and/or mainly funded from US sources and customers?

It was obvious to some of us that the pornography industry ( US & Europe)
and pro-pedophiles ( Europe) were trying to damage Senator Shelby's career,
it was a trick.

So the US does not have any pro-pedophiles?

So, don't discuss it. To return to the point, to complain of children doing
X, Y or Z, on the internet, and to apply funding, public relations, and a
raft of measures to address that particular problem is one thing.

To what "raft of measures" are you referring? The ones that try to educate them about
the dangers of the internet? Or cyber-bullying? Would you NOT fund such project to
help PREVENT child on child bullying?

In relation to the criminal use of the internet as it relates to the
educational establishment, then for every schoolchild arrested for child
pornography etc, there will be quite a few teachers. To put it as mildly as

'Luton Crown Court heard Graham Conridge, 59, admitted posing as a teenage
boy to contact 261 girls aged 11 to 15 through MSN and

Mr Carlin implies here that Conridge was doing this in an educational institution.
However, as the article cites makes clear, he was actually banned from teaching
five years previously by Beds CC "following serious allegations of misconduct." and
is described in the first paragraph as a "former music teacher". So to imply that
this shocking case is related to the eduction system is simply wrong. While I do not
know the full facts of the case it may be that although there was not enough evidence
for a criminal prosecution five years ago he was prevented from teaching. And he was
finally brought to justice by CEOP who Mr Carlin seems to deride.

'Fred Brown, incoming president of the NASUWT teachers' union, claimed it
would not be long before a teacher was "raped, filmed and on the internet",
and he called for all mobile phones to be banned from schools across
Northern Ireland.

As the president of the NASUWT one of his concerns is rightly the protection of his
members from physical abuse whether it is filmed or not. Whatever you feel about the
internet and/or banning of mobiles this is a legitimate stand for him to take. This
does not mean he does not care about child abuse any more than your concern with it
implies (I hope) that you are unconcerned about teachers being attacked by pupils.

This type or argument is both fallacious and damaging to your case.

Japan is awash with images from British schools. I can leave you with that

What is you evidence for this? And what, exactly, do you mean by "from British
Schools"? Saved on their servers? Photographed there? British students or teachers
taking part? And what about the demand for "asian" pornography? As someone involved
in web-filtering I know that there are lot of sites featuring Japanese models.

Lets just face up to the problem - it is international. International co-operation
is required. The problem will never be "solved" - all forms of abuse have been going
on for hundreds of years as a superficial study of history and literature will
confirm. Child abuse was not invented by the internet - it is just one more
communication channel.

I do not know Bill Henson's work but I did go to the link - perhaps Mr Carlin would
like to read this posting on the thread:

i think bill henson's work is fabulous. my school went to the national art
gallery in sydney along with other schools and he answered all our questions
and he is really nice and had interesting answers. his main answer was that
his artworks were how the individual saw it. so therefore, the indiviadual
could decide whether the art is porn or art. i love his works because they
are so raw and naturl.[sic] his other works captivate me as well because
they leave me wondering about the story behind them.

This is just one of the positive comments - in fact reading all the comments the
one Mr Carlin quoted was BY FAR the most negative. Most of the comments (many from
yr11/yr12 students) were thoughtful and positive about his work. Perhaps more
thoughtful tha Mr Carlin's knee jerk reaction. I wonder if he has seen them? As I
haven't I am not in a position to say much about them as works of art/porn but the
reactions certainly lead me toward the latter view.


John Hackett

Consider yourself outed, Mr. Carlin.

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La Libertine said...

Nice job!

GreenConsciousness...ugh. I could gladly knock them UnConsciousness. I bet if someone does enough investigating into Carlin's past, they'll dig up some pedophilic accusations against them. People who are this spastic about such moral dilemmas are always the main people guilty of it.

iacb said...

Oh, now that is interesting. At first, I thought it was Cath Elliot simpling using the "you must be a man" canard, because radfems so often use this when they don't like somebody. I hadn't seen the other threads that made the Gregory Carlin/Yvette Doll connection.

Googling around, from what I gather, he was some sort of artist/musician who had been one of the hangers-on in the Warhol circle back in the day. Since then, he's morphed into a conservative Catholic and campaigner against vice.

He clearly seems prone to exaggerating his importance and influence, and I still think he's more than a bit nuts.

hexy said...

The Bill Henson thing was big news in Australia last year. The country was pretty divided as to whether the images in question were problematic or not, but they were ultimately deemed to be non-pornographic and allowed to be exhibited. One of the firmest speakers on the "OK" nature of the work was the teenage model caught in the midst of it, and her parents.

Incidentally, I'm not really OK with this kind of public outing, regardless of who's copping it. People have very valid reasons to use pseudonyms, and one crackpot asshole doesn't undo that.

Anthony Kennerson said...

Aspasia and IACB: Thanks.

Hexy: Normally, I'm as much against "outing" people as you are....but in this case, Carlin had basically outed himself through his own posts (including the post I cited in the original entry), as well as double posting the same post at both Liberal Conspiracy (using the "Yvette Doll" pseudonym) and GreenConsciousness's blog (using his original name).

Plus, the folks over at Shriaz Socialist and Cath Elliott had already figured him out, but had not totally exposed him.....it was an anonymous commentator to Renegade Evolution's blog that originally broke the revelation that "Yvette Doll" was really Greg Carlin. All I did was to confirm it with some investigation.

This is NOT the same as exposing a person's private life experiences; this is merely exposing a trollish asshole for whom he is. On this one instance only, I stand behind my decision.


iacb said...

"Incidentally, I'm not really OK with this kind of public outing, regardless of who's copping it. People have very valid reasons to use pseudonyms, and one crackpot asshole doesn't undo that."

I'm of two minds on this. In most cases, yes, a pseudonymous blogger's "real" identity is of no relevance and is simply an invasion of privacy. On the other hand, somebody like Carlin is a public figure who's already active around the issue, quoted in the press, etc under his own name, so I think connecting that figure with the "Yvette Doll" posts is relevant.

hexy said...

You do both make some good points. I'm still uneasy, though...

Anonymous said...

I don't think pedophile smears are very nice.

That does take the gloss of any alleged outing.

Gregory Carlin, was born in Ireland and co-owned one of Gary Glitters record companies, and many other things of a like nature.

Yvette Doll was definitely born in Amsterdam, and was involved in producing albums in Germany and gramophone records for people connected to Andy Warhol.

One of them had a hit metal album in the states.

iacb said...

"Gregory Carlin, was born in Ireland and co-owned one of Gary Glitters record companies, and many other things of a like nature."

Gary Glitter? Now that's ironic. Given Carlin's tendency to pedo-bait people based on very tenuous connections, he himself would be implicated under the same criteria.

ali baba said...

as a ex-associate of mr.carlin , or whatever he is calling himself these days , i would like to refute soom of the blatant lies he seems to perpetuate. firstly , he never was a member of the warhol set , he was too busy being a schoolboy in the town of peterborough . he is not a music biz svengali , but a failed hustler who took anyone he could for whatever he could , even his friends , we were all gristle to this fantasists mill . he claimed to be the heir to a fortune , but after aqll these years i find him in a semi in belfast , still pretending to be , rather than having a real life . avoid this pathetic man, it`s easy , just tell the truth about him , ande he crawls back under the stone he came from .