Thursday, January 26, 2006

Correction on Mary Landrieu

Well..seems like I jumped the gun a bit....

Turns out that Mary Landrieu hasn't made up her mind yet on whether to support Alito's nomination, as I assumed earlier...indeed, most recent reports say that she is leaning towards opposing his nomination. She is definitely on line as saying, though, that she will NOT support or participate in any planned filibuster against his nomination.

That is a marginal improvement on her behalf...and it does raise her status a little bit in my eyes...but st doesn't change one iota my views towards the Democratic Party as a whole as spineless bastards who sell out their progressive base for the quick corporate buck and pander incessantly to the Far Right whenever to their advantage.

And the recent annoncement that Robert Byrd (WV) is supporting Stripsearch Sammy's confirmation is raising a few eyebrows..especially since Byrd was kinda like the Left/liberal press's hero for his fulimations against the Iraqi War. I guess that right-wing populism will never fade out of style..or perhaps the KKK still has a few leftover strings in his pocket.

Let's see the dishonor roll of Dems for Alito once again: Ben Nelson (NE); Conrad (ND); Byrd (WV)

(And lets not forget Dem candidate Casey (PE), too.)

I'm predicting a 61-39 vote for confirmation on Monday, with Lieberman (CT), Pryor (AR); and one more conservative Democrat from the South defecting with the trio above, and unaminous Republican support.

The day after, I expect to see some of the more liberal Democrats burrn their cards and defect to the Green Party..if they really care about their politics and issues, that is.

But, we shall se what we shall se....

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belledame222 said...

I'd rather try for a major overhaul of the Democratic party than try to start from (pretty much) scratch with trying to work with something like the Green party till it actually gets some clout, if only because I think it's more workable in the long run, even if both seem unlikely at this point. I totally get the frustration