Thursday, February 02, 2006

And to think that I don't update the blog that much??/ LOL

Right now, I am in the middle of some serious training for my new managerial position for a popular retail outlet...and thusly I haven't been as able to update this blog as much as I want to. I am sooooooooo sorry for not doing more pontificating here...and I still need to complete that essay on the "sex-positive feminist" debate that I started last week. In the meantime, The Wicked Bitch over at Bitch :Lab has more than enough thoughts on the issue to get you through the day. Pay close attention to the comments of a particularly prolific antiporn "feminist" stalker named Sam, who tends to show up at a lot of venues spouting the same old "porn is male hatred of women" jive.

Also..big props and lots of love go to Miz Bitch for pointing me to another fine-ass progressive blog, Thagmano's Then Again, Maybe Not. I haven't seen the blog owner, but if she's anything like her blog, then I may have to add another name to my "Sexy Intellectual Bloggers" list. (Gee, I really know how to suck up, do I?? ;-)

Just stay close and be the Gropenator once said.."I'll be bahhhkk."

First chance I get, I'll start one of those blogrolls with my favorite links.



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to write and my dumb dog keeps nudging my hand, trying to get me to pet him.

anyway, congrats on the job! sorry about all the overtime!

Dark Daughta said...

Dear Anthony,
Do please start writing and pontificating again. African liberation month needs a good dose of sex-positive blackness. I'd like to invite you to do a solidarity review of my site in honour of our "liberation". Would you be interested? darkdaughta

Anonymous said...

Please. I'm getting so depressed at all the horseshit. Especially all the claims about how it's all about my white li'l ol' self oppressing y'all! This pisses me off!

And if I say, "Wait a minute...." then I'm just told I'm a petty bourgeois bitch and my position of privilege means I couldn't see how I'm oppressing y'all anyway!"


I almost thought about publicly turning in my Feminist Card today it was so depressing!

On the other hand, you need to take care of yourself too Anthony.

Anthony Kennerson said...

First to Dark Daughta: I just may have to take you up on your generous offer as soon as I get some free time, Sexy Sista Souljah (no relation to the former Lisa Williamson, BTW)..right now I'm just swamped due to my job. But thanks for the props..and I have posted a message to your blog on that freakin' brilliant blast you did on African Liberation/Black History Month.

Now, to Miz Bitch: Oh ho, so now they're breaking out the old and tired "Aura Bogado" card on 'ya, ehhh??

(For you who may have just tuned in, Aura Bogado is a particularly active antiporn activist and Latina who threw the same joker off the bottom of the deck at Susie Bright because Susie had the gall to do an interview for HUSTLER magazine last year. For antiporn feminist "leftists" like Bogado, HUSTLER and its owner/founder Larry Flynt is the perfect scapegoat/symbol of the intimate connection between porn and racism and evil misogynic rapacity.)

Don't let them ruffle your feather duster, Miz Bitch...if anything, THEY"RE the ones who are most "bourgeois" in their thinking, since they copy the Right's sexual repression book perfectly, although they rewrite the script a bit with a "leftist/feminist" storyline to mask the similarities.

And don't turn in your feminist card, simply would enable them to further crown themselves as the only true feminists around. WE know that your feminist creds are as legit, if not more, than theirs are.

They are more an amusement and a irritant to me than a real threat; I don't pay them any real mind.

I know that I'm a feminist sympatizer and will remain one til I bit of pontification from these cluckers will change that. Let them get as angry as they want; the truth still sucks when you are on the recieving end.