Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Day, Another Sexy Woman Intellectual training for my new managerial position was completed today...I begin taking names for real this coming Sunday., so that means I have tomorrow off for some calm before the storm...and maybe even an update to this blog or two. (Unfortunately, the schedule on Sunday will force me to miss out on Super Bowl Forty, but duty always wins out over pleasure..especially when it comes with a $1.00+ an hour increase in base pay.

(BTW.... memo to the No Fun League Brasses-Up-Your-Asses: This idea of calling your most important game "Super Bowl Exxxx-Ellllll" is perhaps the stupidest idea invented...well, since that half-ass halftime show featuring Janet Jackson showing off only her nipple ring that caused such a stink, and Justin Timberlake singing about nearly raping her on the time, if you're going to piss off the Religious Right, do us a favor and do it right; have Janet do a full strip and a lap dance. Ahh, just kidding, Paul..don't want to upset the soccer moms and Evitra dads.) the meantime while I prepare for my next essay here, allow me to steer you to yet another one of the collection of sexy intellectual women that I've apparantly been attracting to this space.

Dark Daughta is the pseudonym for a very acitvist, very outspoken, and very sexy (on the inside, definitely, if not on the outside) Black radical woman who, like me, cares a hell of a lot about the issue of sexuality, sex-positivism, and its place in the Left agenda. So much so, in fact, that when she got a whiff (through Bitch Lab) of my essay here on Sex Positivism 101 and the "feminists" who don't neccessarily like it that much, she was moved to post the following tribute in her blog:

I sent a frantic note basically amounting to an s.o.s. in one of my bottles to Anthony at Red Garter Club and smashdog [sic, actually, this blog] asking him to write a review of my site, but subtextually saying:

"help!, the conservative sex-negative liberals have cast out a strange carnival dragnet.

They're coming!

I didn't ask them to come. I asked them to think and to speak to each other.

But they're coming anyways. Coming with a sex-negative cross to burn on my blog lawn, with a scarlet letter for the front of my dress and little bent pink triangles to mark the coats of my children. They're travelling towards me on a train leading to nowhere good and I don't wanna get on it."

Anthony responded almost immediately and I'm thanking him for it. Oppression at the hands of other feminists, wimmin, other wimmin of color is killah and horribly painful. Especially when it's based on ignorance.

Anthony wrote another comment to me when I first listed his website as a source of really good sex radical lefty essays. He basically said that he understood my frustration over not having any feminist, wimmin of color allies to work with around the issues I understand as real, but that "you just have to dance with the playas you can for now."

I'd chide her a little bit for butchering this blog's name...but her text is so stunningly beautiful that I can't bear to even think of doing so.

I highly recommend a visit to Dark Daughta's blog..especially this essay she did commemerating African Liberation Month (or Black History Month, as some others may call this memorialization of world history) in her own special Black radical queer fashion.

It's so good to know that I have a few allies in this battle. Fight on, sexy Sista.

I'm out...for now.....



Dark Daughta said...

Thanks, Anthony. All quiet on the northern front. I'll be back to do some more reading, okay?

Anonymous said...

Hope things are going well A -- and you're not too stressed out from the work.

I have a big blogcrush on Darkdaughta too. We need to get a sex pos blog ring started and get people to join up and get something going.

We also need to get on that, oh, BAck Talkin' Feminism thing too!

Amber Rhea said...

Did you say sex pos blog ring? I'm in! So, who's the lucky lady or dude who's going to start it..?