Monday, May 29, 2006

When Arundhati Roy Talks, People Should Listen

If there are any of you who hasn't had the opportunity to read her words or see her in person, experiencing the work of Indian playwright/author/activist Arundhati Roy may be a bit of a shock to the system; especially considering how such a small (in stature) woman such as her can carry such a large punch when it comes to the subject of globalization, war and peace, economic and social inequality, and the efforts for human liberation against such.

Thanks to a newly published documentary, though, you will now have the chance for that experience.
The Lannan Foundation sponsored a lecture and a speech that Ms. Roy made on September 18, 2002, in memorance of the first anniversary of the 9/11/2001 terrorist bombings and the overall geopolitical situation in the world at large. The same event also included an open air dialogue with legendary activist and author Howard Zinn, who has been one of the most prestigious radical historians on his own behalf.

In inspiration for that speech, a group of progressive activists decided to create a rock-type documentary titled "We" which used the text and visual of her speech as a foundation for a stunning hour-long feature which includes vivid and truncant images, a kick-ass soundtrack featuring mostly British alternative rock artists, and some of the most truthful and compelling progressive commentary not to be seen anywhere within the mainstream media.

I've just seen and downloaded the full version from their site ( ), and I can certainly recommend it to everyone who is genuinely concerned about the state of affairs in this world.

You can listen to and even download the full documentary (it is totally FREE, BTW) from the website; the sponsors include CounterPunch, MediaMatters, Democracy Now! and other fine progressive news journals.

Trust me on this will be enlightened greatly.

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Anonymous said...

Roy is an anti-imperialist turd. Calling her anti-war is wrong. She just supported the otherside in the Iraq war, which was the fascist sectarian Sunni "resistance" that has done its part to bring civil war to Iraq. This group of murderers and ethnic cleansers were killing Iraqi trade-unionists, Shia, gays and other nonsectarian forces will she was calling for their support.

For the modern dingbat anti-imperialist left, anybody regardless of how repulsive the content of their politics should be supported if they oppose the US (and Israel). In other words the enemy of my enemy is my friend.