Friday, June 02, 2006

'Ye Ole Fantasy Meme

Usually, I tend to keep my personal fantasies really personal.....but since Kevin at Slant Truth and Progressive Bloggers Kick Ass dropped the meme on me; I guess that I can do some revealing. So, here I go:

1. Are you in them? Or do you fantasize about other people without your being present? If you are in them, is it as participant or just spectator? If you are in them, are you truly yourself or different from yourself?

Generally a delightful mix....usually with me more watching other people watch, then participate; then, if all things turn out, I get to participate, too.

2. Do you fantasize another person’s point of view, desires and thoughts?

Certainly...since I tend toward the "slut goddess" point of view, I usually fantasize towards that perspective of a woman who just loooooooovvvessss her some sex, and isn't afraid to follow her nether regions. Of course, I can also play the "prey" of the hunter as well.

3. Is there a narrative, set-up, story? Or just a scene, without history or future?

I tend to rather favor some form of a set up to my fantasies; not too much so that the good stuff is delayed, but just enough for background.

4. Is there a sequence of events, or just images? If there is a temporal sequence, do you proceed neatly chronologically or with analepsis (flashback) and prolepsis (flashforward)?

I can go either with the sequential or the long as I and my (s)heros get off early and often, it matters little with format.

5. Is there dialogue? Narration? Do words matter? Do you describe the fantasy to yourself in words as you have it?

I prefer some dialogue, and even some narration from the "slut goddess" POV, as I said before.

6. If you were to write down a typical fantasy, how long would the text be?

I would say probably around two to three pages...about the size of your typical erotic fiction fantasy story.

7. If you are in your fantasies, are you predominantly desired or desiring?

Given the overwhelming beauty of my goddesses, I'm more than likely desiring..but I wouldn't mind being desired as well.

8. Does atmosphere matter? How much detail - clothes, setting, room temperature?

Yes, indeed, the overall atmosphere matters much; comfort for all is a must. And the right clothing can be quite as erotic...especially when they fall to the floor.

9. Is there music in your fantasies?

If it fits the mood, yes.....otherwise, I prefer the natural music of enthusiastic orgasms.

10. Are there aromas in your fantasies?

I don't mind many scents and fragrances at the beginning...but ultimately all must yield to the aroma of natural sex.


I could have gotten a bit more explicit..but not here.

OK...time to pass the baton on. 'Yo....Belledame, Lis, Doc Suzy .....where 'ya at??? ;-)

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Lis Riba said...

Oh dear... You realise I have a hypoactive desire disorder.

And I *know* my parents, grandparents and in-laws read my blog.

I'll have to consider how to answer these...