Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: More BJ Kerfuffle Reaction

As much as I would just love to put this really dead horse of The Great Feminist Blowjob Kerfuffle to rest once and for all....two wonderful essayists have decided to add their quarter's worth into the fray; and they are more than worth your attention, I should say:

1) Black Amazon brings fists and fire to smack down the pretentiousness of the anti-bj radfems:


You're not fucking cute and I'm not amused.

THe BJ brouhah is full of women who go its sex we shouldnt talk about it versus don't take it to seriously shes playing and radical feminism is teh act of


THIS IS RADICAL feminism. Heteronormative crtique, random asshattery, and patronizing oh ignore her calm downs.

My problem with this is wheere does this shit end , what is the point .

Oh wait they dont have one. This hasnt been about actually making headway or you kow fighting patriarchy its about one small section of women ONCE A FUCKING GAIN swearing on a stack of theory that an issue can be defined and isolated only using binary terms without any thought to PEOPLE while constantly attacking their PERSONAL choices. This debate was framed in the teh purpose of saying fuck you I can make you dance to a whole group of people while tellinga nother group that their fuck you was implied.

If you suck cock your oppressed and a tool. YEah but what do you want to do about it ? Or do you even care . Riiigh t. You jsut wnat to call us names and be on your way. WHats funny is what pepople got awya with up until THIS . When they came for the Communists...


(Excerpted from Having Read The Fine Print: You're not fucking cute and I'm not amused; Double-plus hat tip to Belledame)

2) "Lusty Lady" Rachel Kramer Bussel provides a more intellectual, but no less progressive, POV in her latest blog entry:


At its heart, not only is the sheer contempt for the very idea of blowjobs anti-male, anti-penis, and anti-sex, it’s judgmental and hypocritical. I agree that sex is political, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a superior way to have sex. Because if we’re gonna say blowjobs are inherently degrading, what’s empowering? Women topping men? I’d be very wary of making some kind of argument that picking up a paddle to whack a guy’s ass furthers feminism in any way, and would not want to be the guy on the receiving end of a “punishment” where he’s taking the rap for all of men’s bad behavior.


I am as loathe as the next person to further stereotypes, and I honestly don’t care about whether I’m considered “feminist enough” (or feminist at all) or not—we spend so much time playing word games when there’s real life going on—but it seems to me that if you see feminism as being a battle of women vs. men, then yes, anything that praises men or gives them pleasure might be seen as a negative. But if we step back a moment and realize how our highly judgmental sexual culture actually makes many people feel guilty, confused, and ashamed of their sexuality, we see that it’s not just women who are bombarded by messages about how to be sexual. Why I think there’s something to Tucker Max’s defense of being a “man’s man” is that I do see a trend where women are allowed to go on and on and on about our every sexual fantasy, but when guys do it it’s sleazy. But we can’t defend sex work and still be judgmental about those who patronize sex workers.

(Excerpts from Lusty Lady: Feminist blowjobs and other oxymorons)

A visit to both these blogs would be worth your time and effort.

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