Monday, June 19, 2006

"What 'Cha Gonna Do With All That Junk...": The Radfem Crusade Gets (Dip)Stickier

Oh, WOW.....

So now, the Radicalfeminist Crusade against Patriarchial Sex has turned its wandering eyes to anal sex, I see. Get a load (no pun) of this analysis from P0ny (via Heart's Women's Spaces Blog), relayed through Bitch Lab in comments to my earlier edict:

didja know? anal sex is an invention of the patriarchy so they can fuck women without have to go near a vagina. already, men only want drive-by PV sex anyway. Oh hey, we can call it dipstick sex: in and out. They don't have to do that anymore. They can just bend you over, fuck ya, and feel pure b/c they never had to actually dip it in a pussy. LMAOROTF

Oh, much for gay men and the "Bend Over Boyfriend" phonomena, I guess.

I believe that I'll pass on this one, thank you very much...since Miz B's rebuttal does the trick so much better.


marriedwithsex said...

To me the true test of a feminist is allowing women to be truely equal to men. That means many things, not least of is enjoying sex however feels good to them. I read another radfem posts on this a few weeks ago and had to post about it, too.

RfrancisR said...

I'm absolutely sick of the anti-sex BS we get from both the far left and far right. We need a new progressive philosophy, feminism has out lived its use and queer theory has nothing to do with queer people other than that some queer people wanted to make up a feminism for queers. Both queer theory and feminism are as prone to rejecting good science as Christian fundamentalists. EVERYTHING to them is mere social construct. Well, that's as dumb as the modernist behaviorists who claimed that EVERYTHING was rooted in genes. That's idiocy.

So, what to do about it?

Well, hopefully my book that I am working on will finally provide progressives with a philosophy/theology that isn't rooted in ignoring science (yes, Virginia there are some biological differences in the sexes), rejecting sex and rejecting God.

Well, anyway, a queer boy can dream, can't he?

RfrancisR said...

Oh, and gay men invented anal sex --- straight people got "gay envy" and stole it from us.

Well, I guess it was patriarchal with all those "daddy-son" relationships in the queer community.