Sunday, June 18, 2006

We Interrupt This Diatribe To Bring You....Joe Lieberman Bears All

I promise, I promise.....I will get to Part 2 of my thoughts on the Great Feminist Blowjob Wars momentarily..but in the internim, get a load of the latest crapola that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (HDIC*) is throwing at his Democratic primary opponent, Ned Lamont:

If the Flash player doesn't show up, here's a link to the actual ad (using YourTube):

Yep, you Connecticutians are right...that's similar to an "Bear Cub" ad that Lieberman used against incumbent liberal Republican Lowell Weicker to gain the seat to begin with in 1988. Apparantly, this is in response to Weicker endorsing Lamont's campaign to topple Fighting (for the GOP) Joe in the Dem primary come August 6.

I don't know what's funnier: The sixth-grade quality of the actual ad; or the balls of steel that Fightin' (for the GOP) Joe must have in attacking Lamont as a Republican plant...especialy considering Lieberman's proven record of aisle crossing and ass-kissing for Dubya and the GOP!!

Also, this ad was released just after Lamont pledged to be a good Democrat and support Lieberman if he managed to win the Democratic primary. By contrast, Lieberman has been dropping not so subtle hints that if he loses the primary, he would still run as an "independent" (polls are saying that if he did, he would still beat Lamont and Weicker, who is running by default as the Republican candidate).

And, to further the inanity of it all...the chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC), Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) has already pledged that even if Lieberman does go "independent", the DSCC would continue to support and finance his campaign...his GOP crossovers included. (No word on whether the DSCC would do similarly with Lamont.)

Yup....this is the Democratic Party that we are supposed to trust as the opposition to the Republicans. Why am I freakin' surprised...or not???

Memo to Ned Lamont: Please kick Lieberman's ASS....and then, please run as an REAL Independent and stick it to the DLC and DINOs, too.

NOTE on the Gloss:

DINO = Democrat In Name Only (used to describe your typical DLC/Dixiecrat who flaunts his Democrat label while voting with right-wing Republicans most of the time)

HDIC = Head DINO In Charge (used similarly as HNIC (Head Negro In Charge; preferably pronounced with the acronym "H-Dick"....LOL

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